Transform your Home into a Dream Paradise by Hiring a Worthy Painting Contractor

When you paint your home, it can do wonders to uplift the look of your home interiors. Making your home lovelier and stunning than ever is our lookout! Snip off the old drab colours and repaint your spacious home by hiring a professional painting contractor who knows the job like the back of his hand.

Trust Manoj Colours for a hassle-free fabulous painting experience! Bid adieu to dull traditional painting methods, as we now provide contemporary and speedy painting techniques. The home-owners in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad can always turn to Manoj Colours for making the transition from average-looking homes to posh and stylish property spaces. Call Now!

Choosing Colours & Retaining It

Did you know that changing your home colours can significantly affect your mood? Our painting technicians have been trained to recognize colour patterns and their direct significance on our mind. For example, the colour light blue has a calming effect on our mind, while the colour grey is a neutral one. Painter artists and designers know that colours can dramatically influence your emotions and moods. So we choose to offer MITCON certified paints with outstanding results.

You can consult with our experts to choose room colours accordingly so that they give out positive and friendly vibes.

We provide the following residential services

Interior Painting – We offer painting services for home interior spaces
Exterior Painting – Exterior project Manoj Colours includes the exterior walls and outdoor spaces of your property.
Deck and Fence Staining – We provide superior staining and sealing (for deck and fence) services to add a touch of vibrancy to your outdoors and give long-lasting durability to the deck and fenced area.
Carpentry Repair Work – We provide carpentry work as almost all residential places need to remove old rot materials from walls and replace them with rot-free materials like cement, PVC and superior products.
Removal of Textured Ceiling – This is a complex and difficult task that can only be done with professional help. Our painting team has vast experience in this removal process and can confidently deliver exemplary results.
Wallpaper Removal Process – Our expert team loves a challenge, removing old rigid wallpapers is one of them! Disposition of old wallpapers requires extra effort, which can be successfully carried out by experienced professionals like us.